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I Have a Choice. And My Hands are Guiding Me!

Posted by on February 5, 2017 in Archetypes - Personality Psychology in the palms, Secrets of Effective Communication, Stories of Transformation | 2 comments

Every year, I choose a word or a phrase to guide me for the 12 months ahead. This year, it’s I Have a Choice!”.

In June of 2017, I moved to a beautiful, peaceful place. I’m living alone again for the 1st time in almost 10 years. I tend to be a bit of a hermit anyway so I am celebrating my solitude. Friends and family ask me all the time – “aren’t you lonely”; don’t you get bored”? NOPE!

However, I know what happens when “it’s just me now”, I get to look in the mirror at my resistance, my own reluctance to connect, to focus, to get stuff done that has meaning and substance  – no one else to distract me or motivate me.

Four months into this retreat, I realized I needed a gentle kick in the #*!#*@. Now when I’m facing my day, I find myself saying, I have a choice, several times a day. And it’s working.

Don’t get me wrong – my choices to move here and to redirect my business focuschoice- trust my head or my heart? were the right choices. Despite my hermit reluctance, my business is thriving.

But I knew I wanted to step up (or bring back) my determination to act in the political arena. We’re in divisive times and I want to be part of the movement to bring us back to compassion and justice and true democracy. Where an open heart and an informed mind are in balance.

The other voice in me said, no you have too much to do; it won’t work any way; it’s hopeless. Ever listen to those inner critics? They really like to join the party and love to test our determination.

Once I made my choice to be part of the change here’s what happened:

Step One: Commit to Action-Make a wise choice

Create my Commitment to Action Manifesto. Great!  Now I have to do something.

Step Two: Trust that the Universe is Listening

Got a call after I posted this manifesto on Facebook to ask me if I would be part of a planning group in Vermont to create a Citizen’s Forum for community, education and action. Within one week, we had a room filled with eager activists.

Stars of the Leader-marked/unmarked-my choice to lead

Stars of the Leader-Right Hand-marked/unmarked

Step Three: Trust that my hands will give me direction and will help me make the right choice

I was struggling with the role I wanted to play and wondered what I should be aware of? Sure enough, I looked at my wild and crazy hands and saw new star clusters under my index fingers, a.k.a. Jupiter fingers.  I’ve always had the Star of the Leader on my Left Hand – but now I have star clusters on both hands. There’s good news/bad news here!  Read on and stay tuned for my next post/video on the Gift of the Leader.

For those of you not familiar with hand analysis or palmistry, your fingerprints never change; your hands can – the lines, gift markers, the color, the bend in your fingers, the angle of your thumb and more. Your hands are your personality psychology. Your basic personality archetype won’t change. But your hands reflect where you are and how

Gift of the Leader

Stars of the Leader-Left Hand-Marked/unmarked

you’ve responded to challenges and successes. They send you messages about what you need to do to be true to YOU!

If you have a gift marker in your hand, especially if it’s multiplying as in my Leader stars, then you have a responsibility to step up in some area of your life. In my case claiming a sphere of influence, taking initiative, making an impact, acting decisively from clear choices.

How about the bad news? If you have a gift and are not owning it and using it, then it comes with a penalty. With so many stars under the index, a.k.a. Jupiter fingers, the penalty is even more likely.  If I’m shying away from this responsibility, I get to stand behind someone else’s throne-facilitating their power and influence. And guess what? It’s happening to me right now-too much “standing behind the throne”. I HAVE A CHOICE to be clear about what leading role I want to play in the group. What is my contribution? I’m confident that my hands will continue to guide me.

This is the tip of the iceberg so, as I said, stay tuned for the next in my Gift Markers Series.

Will you listen to the messages your hands are sending you every day?

May you thrive as you make the contribution that is uniquely yours,

~ Janet


  1. Good story. Time to step up to your own gifts. Hands are always a guiding factor.
    Love, Sandra

    • Sandra, How are you stepping up using your gifts? :-}

      Big Hugs,

      ~ Janet

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