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Are you a Dabbler or a Diver? Take the Assessment.

Posted by on August 15, 2013 in Aha Moments On Your Path, For Entrepreneurs, For Students and Hand Analysts | 0 comments

Dive deeply into your most meaningful life

In my last newsletter, I invited you to join me for 3 dives into the transformational power of your hands.  Three FREE Tele-seminars, a chat and a class will change your life and turn you from a Surface Dabbler to a Deep Sea Diver.
Dive I starts August 20th at 8 pm EST, USA.  GO HERE to register for the Tele-seminars and to find out more about Dive II, the Class.

Before you decide: “I’m ready to jump into the world held in my hands and to learn to live my most meaningful life”, or  “I’m O.K. for now even if my knuckles are white from holding on so tight and my hands have gone numb”, take our NEW ~ ARE YOU A DABBLER OR A DIVER? ~ Assessment

I was inspired to create this when I was sitting in quiet reflection a couple of days ago – impressed with the progress of some of my clients of late who are real divers!  OK, maybe I was sitting there avoiding some administrivia I had to do for my business.  But the best insights come sometimes when you are in resistance.  Another topic all together for another time – still connected to diving, BTW!

I have had plenty of personal growth dabblers for clients. I wondered what makes those who have taken the plunge special?  What allowed them to go deep enough to uncover and claim the good stuff while they faced the sea monsters?  And what inspired them to go out and test whether their new treasures they had uncovered fit in the real world?  I did a mental check list and came up with a few questions for you to determine whether you are a diver or, if not, how close you are to jumping in and how deep are you’re willing to go.  Here we go… assess yourself.

Am I a Dabbler or a Diver? Assessment:

  1. In past 2 years, how many books have you read ____ and how many workshops have you taken ____ that focus on personal growth and/or business success and how many “readings” have I had e.g. Astrology, Numerology … ____ ?
  1. Can you sit down and measure your progress (do this right now) – based on the above investment?

•For those with a business:

o  I have increased my income by ____% – and I am on target – Yes or No. (circle one – “sort of” doesn’t count)

o  I have found a better job because of this effort

o  I am not only clear about my business direction and what I need to do; I take action every day toward my goals and have tangible results

• For personal reasons:

o  I read the books and/or took the workshops for personal reasons:  My close relationships are measurably better and we work on it everyday:  Yes/No/NA; I finally go out of a toxic relationship:  Yes/No/NA; my creative juices are flowing again and I am excited Yes/No/NA

o  I am practicing forgiveness and compassion on a daily basis – I try more/not so much

o  Add anything that has really changed in your life because of the action you have taken as a result of #1 ___________________

  1. I listen to meditation ____, healing ____, inspirational _____ recordings daily or at least a few times per week.  Yes/No
  1. I read blogs that inspire me daily or at least a few times per week Yes/No
  1. I can list the ways #3 and/or #4 have changed my life for the better: GO ahead and be specific ________________________________________________________
  1. I have learned to reach out more for help and to share/ask for what I need.  Yes/I’m getting much better/Nope
  1. I have found ways to balance my work/play and have consistently improved – my eating ____; exercise ____; rest ____ etc  And I am seeing real results.  Yes/No
  1. I have faced some really tough stuff these past months/years, but I am so on course, I have the insight and equipment to weather any storm.  Yes/ No/Getting there

Was that revealing?  Are you a dabbler or a real diver?  You’ll know if you are a Surface Dabbler if you said yes to #1 #3 and #4, but nothing’s changed or circumstances are escalating and you feel powerless.

Dabblers are attracted to the idea of transformation or healing but they are scared to death to unearth those sea monsters in the quest for the treasure. They stay comfy dipping their toes into many ponds but haven’t dared dive into the deep waters that hold the true treasures – afraid that the boat will really be rocked this time and they’ll capsize.  And, guess what?  This will happen, I guarantee it.  When you commit yourself to the authentic YOU. Your relationships will change, you’ll feel at sea, you’ll experience all sorts of not so light and fluffy things – no cute tropical fish at this depth!!  That’s when you know your are a Deep Sea Diver.

If you find that the assessment reveals you are a dabbler, what’s STOPPING YOU from taking the plunge?  Do you want to be where you are in 1 year/5 years?  If not, get your flippers on – jump overboard and join me on a great adventure.

Start with Dive I and build your lungs for the deepest dive.  Find out more and register for the 3 Tele-seminars HERE.

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